About Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group®

 Cindi Gatton, Principal

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Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group® was founded because we believe patients and their families should have a qualified and trusted resource to help navigate a personal path through a fragmented healthcare system. We leverage over 30 years of experience from within the healthcare system to identify barriers our clients are facing, whether they relate to issues surrounding their care, or issues related to the cost of their care, including insurance and medical billing navigation.


Cindi Gatton is the principal of Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group®, a private patient advocacy practice based in metro Atlanta. After helping her brother navigate difficulties coordinating his medical care and complicated insurance issues,  she left her business career in healthcare to found Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group® to serve individuals and small employers with this kind of personalized attention.


She earned her B.S. at the University of Virginia, and her Master’s degree in speech and language pathology at The George Washington University. She also completed the post-graduate program in Consumer Patient Advocacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (www.patientpartnerships.org) in 2013 and is a consultant supervisor in the clinic for the program.


An Atlanta resident since 1995, she was a regular guest in 2015 on the Atlanta radio show, “Doc Talk,” and has been quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Time, Georgia Health News, How it Works, Consumer Reports, and Women’s Day as a subject matter expert on patient and healthcare advocacy.


Professional Memberships

Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (www.aphadvocates.org)


Service Area

Our primary office location is in Atlanta, GA, but when we discuss your situation, geography doesn’t have to limit the ability to provide services. Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group® can interact with patients and their family members, as well as their providers, face to  face, through email, telephonically or with FaceTime or Skype, or some combination of all of these. While there are certainly circumstances that call for “feet on the ground,” geography doesn’t limit the ability to provide services, especially for insurance and medical billing issues.