About Private Patient Advocacy

Because a Health Care Journey Isn’t Always a Straight Path

road-trip by SheKnows.com

When planning a trip to a new destination, you might consult a GPS or a map, do a search on the internet, or ask someone you know who’s been there what it was like. You might hire a guide who is familiar with the locale.

You might do these things for a healthcare journey as well. But regardless of where a healthcare journey takes you, whether it is short or long, a guide who speaks the language and knows the customs and the currency can help show the way and improve the experience, personally and financially.

Keeping You at the Center of Your Health Care

Patient Advocacy is an emerging discipline concerned with helping patients and their families or legal representatives navigate the complexities of their or their loved one’s healthcare and/or the costs related to that care.

This can involve attending doctor’s appointments, supporting medical decision making, sourcing second opinions, building medical teams that reflect your preferences, reviewing medical bills, negotiating insurance appeals, and healthcare planning.

This is patient advocacy – keeping YOU at the center of your health care.

Whether you need short term guidance, or require a more comprehensive approach to your situation, our focus is :

  • To understand what challenges you are currently experiencing
  • To understand what’s important to you or your family member
  • To develop an action plan for a more positive and integrated experience with this understanding in mind.

Because a health care journey often isn’t a straight path, our background and understanding of how our complicated healthcare system functions from the inside out allows us to provide meaningful personal guidance, support, and execution.