Appeal Your Insurance Denial Successfully!

You’ve reviewed the letter from your insurance company that says they’re not going to pay for a service you or a loved one has already had. When the rage has cooled and you re-read the letter, it states the reasons they denied payment, which may or may not make sense to you. Terms like “Didn’t meet medical necessity” or “More information is required” or “Pre-authorization wasn’t submitted.” It may reference pages in a document you’ve never seen or heard of but sounds important. read more

Should you appeal your insurance denial?


Carla’s* mother had been hospitalized for a week for a hip replacement, and discharged to a skilled nursing facility for rehab. Three weeks after her admission, she received a notice that her mother’s Medicare plan was denying payment for her care because she wasn’t participating in therapy. 

Dave* had foot surgery that required the implantation of a new type of manufactured material. The surgery had been pre-approved, but his insurance denied payment for the manufactured material.

Elena’s* ovarian cancer had advanced, and her oncologist felt that the next medication she should try, which in his experience had shown some good results, was only FDA approved for breast cancer, not for ovarian cancer. Her insurance denied coverage for the use of this medication. read more