Fees and Payment

Private Patient Advocacy services are not covered by insurance, but many clients have found investing in even an hour of consultation results in savings in the overall cost of their care and a clearer understanding and direction for their situation.

Some employers also provide patient advocacy services on behalf of their employees.


“If you want to be certain that an advocate has your best interests in mind, be prepared to hire one independently — and to pay out of pocket for their services.”

Read the entire New York Times article here.


I provide a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about your situation. Rates are structured on an hourly basis as well as project-based assignments. Payment for an initial complete consultation is required in advance. I accept checks, PayPal, and  credit card payments. Click here to make a payment by PayPal. For more information please call  404-687-6998 or email info@pathfinderpatientadvocacy.com.