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Better Call Harry: Helicopter bill puts family on financial life support
October 25, 2018


Subject Matter Expert on Georgia Health News “The High Cost of Surviving Rabies”
February 20, 2018


Interview on CBS 46 “Better Call Harry”
June 30, 2016






Article from TIME magazine
March 14, 2016

“You Only Think You’re Covered”

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Article from The Atlanta Journal Constitution
December 8, 2015

Advocates’ Important Role in Healthcare

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Interview with Dr. Jeffrey GallupsENT_logo
November 8, 2014

How the Affordable Care Act Saved a Local Cancer Patient’s Life 


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Cindi R. Gatton

Experienced Clinical and Business Healthcare Professional

Ms. Gatton worked healthcare, both as a clinician and as a business professional, for more than 30 years. She felt called to Private Patient Advocacy after actively supporting her parents and brother through their own complex healthcare experiences. She managed, first hand, the frustration that comes from doctors who didn’t talk to each other, conflicting treatment recommendations, and the challenges of addressing the costs and the quality of her family’s care.

An Atlanta resident since 1995, Ms. Gatton received her undergraduate degree in Education, with a minor in Life Sciences from the University of Virginia. Her Master’s Degree is in Speech and Language Pathology from The George Washington University. After practicing as a speech and language pathologist, Cindi applied her health sciences training to the business of health care, gaining broad healthcare system experience in pharmaceuticals, health insurance, physician practice management, and employee health benefits. She earned a post-graduate Professional Certificate in Healthcare Patient Advocacy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013, and continues to serve as a Clinical Supervisor for that program.

Her professional memberships include The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants ( and the Alliance of Professional Healthcare Advocates (